Want to assign access to manage your account to an employee, friend or family member? It’s easy to do with ATwebDomains’ “Delegate Access” feature. There are two types of access you can grant to another person:

  1. Manage Products & Purchase – Access to manage products and purchase products using credit cards stored in the profile. No access to view or modify the payment information.
  2. Manage Products – Access to manage products only. Choose this level for having someone manage only the technical features of your account such as hosting, email, domain settings, etc.

The request for delegating account access can be initiated by either the account owner or the person receiving access; both parties must approve the connection between their accounts. If the person receiving access does not already have an ATwebDomains account, one should be created (free). Either person can then initiate the request by logging in to their account and selecting “Delegate Access” from the Account Settings menu and following the directions there. Account access may be modified or removed by the account owner at any time.

If you have been granted access to another account, you will see it listed by logging into your own account and going to the “Delegate Access” page (as above) under “Accounts I Can Access”. From there you can access the features you have been authorized for.